Dr. Vishwanath D. Karad is Founding Executive President and Managing Trustee of the Maharashtra Academy of Engineering and Educational Research (MAEER) as well as Founder and Director-General of the Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT) in Pune, India. MAEER was founded in 1983, with the goal to become a “Center of Excellence in the field of Education and Research.” MIT COE was establish by honourable Dr.Vishwanath D. Karad is Founder Executive President MIT COE Gymkhana Committee comprised with experienced and Young Lecturers.

MIT COE Gymkhana : The main objective to promote sports and develop excellence by upgrading the skills of the sports persons and it has taken strenuous efforts in talent scouting and training of selected individuals. It also provides vital inputs to the players, which includes coaching, infrastructure, equipment support and sports kit. We has also provided competitive exposure to the talented sportspersons by participating in Pune university intercollegiate competitions, Invitational Competitions, Intercampus competitions etc. By organising Inter Departmental activities and Intercollegiate Competitions of University of Pune we also promote sports in other students.

We also aim to develop general fitness of our students and faculties for that we organizes Yoga Sessions, fitness lectures, Aerobics sessions etc.