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Research Center

With rapidly changing technologies and fierce competition, educational institutes can only ignore research at their own peril. To stay in the forefront, we are seriously promoting research both in familiar areas and in uncharted territory. An exclusive research center headed by Prof. Dr. V. M. Wadhai has been set up to coordinate research activities of students and faculty.

MITCOE strives very hard to ensure that the students are among the best placed professionals in the industry, practicing the best of human values and will contribute to the process of creating a vibrant and stronger India through engineering knowledge.

Research and Development

Faculty members are doing research work in the following areas:

  1. Embedded System Design
  2. VLSI Design
  3. Microelectronics
  4. Artificial Intelligence
  5. Natural Language Processing
  6. Vedic Mathematics
  7. DSP and Image Processing
  8. Bio-Informatics
  9. Mobile Communication
  10. Nano Technology
  11. Mechtronics
  12. Sensor Development
  13. Communication and Networking

Innovation Centres

MITCOE aims at establishing Innovation Centers and Centers of Excellence by inter-acting with R&D Organizations for conducting joint research work involving faculty/ scientists and students/ research scholars etc.

Joint Research Projects

We recognize that the student’s creativity must find proper avenues of expression. The best way to do this is through Research Activity. We are pursuing a number of industries for joint research programmes that will benefit both the college and the industry.

Rural Upliftment

MIT Group of Institutions has been doing yeomen service for the upliftment of rural areas and MITCOE, true to this philosophy aims at Technology transfer in the nearby rural areas.

Promotion Of Indigenous Technology

MITCOE encourages indigenous technology, we have undertaken in 2005 ‘research work’ in three areas of utmost important fields of everyday living.

  1. As Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai are character-based languages, though we can learn to speak if we are based in the respective language speaking state. They are very difficult to learn as second language. Sensing the importance of Indo China Trade and the need to communicate directly without the crunches of English, we have undertaken a project with the active help of Indo China Chamber of Commerce & Industry to teach 3 level courses of Chinese via Indian languages. We have devised to teach them via Indian script and language. We are taking up Chinese via Marathi and Tamil and plan to involve college students by encouraging to take projects in this area.
  2. Research project combining ancient wisdom of Vedic mathematics with digital computing is being lead team members from E & TC and IT discipline. This bold & unique experiment may open new vistas in numerical computing. The first research paper brought out by the team has already been presented in International Conference on Engineering Education at Bangkok, Thailand and it has won the prestigious “Diamond Awards“.

We are also focusing on new research areas related to fiber-optic communication, embedded systems, web-based computing, data warehousing, new operating systems like LINUX. We are being actively encouraged by a number of top class IT companies in these activities and we hope to become their extended research arm in due course of time.

In the field of Electronics Design, the students under took many projects covering various technologies. One of the project titled ‘Micro-controller based Multi Channel Belling System’ was designed, developed and fully tested for its installation at ‘Pune School for Blind Girls’, Karvenagar, Pune. The system is commissioned and is used regularly at the blind school. This project highlights the social relevance of technology transfer by an education institute.


  1. Arranging industrial visits/ Training to students
  2. Undertaking short term / long term turnkey projects out sourced by the industry
  3. Undertaking the projects from Govt. agencies like AICTE, UOP, DST, CICSR, ISRO, DRDO , MHRD, Social Welfare department
  4. Getting the sponsorship for UG and PG projects
  5. Providing Corporate Training and Consultation
  6. Exchanging of personnel
  7. Organizing industrial exhibitions
  8. Organizing lectures of experts from industry and funding agencies.
  9. Organizing research seminars to encourage the inter-disciplinary research and improve the understanding of recent research activities among faculty members and learners.
  10. Conducting Workshops, conferences, continuing education programs etc.
  11. Conducting technology appreciation programs
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