Sr No. Name of the Teacher Patent no. & Country Title of Patent Year
1 Prof.Dr.M.M.Lele 201621002254/2015,India Two stageIntegral Cryocylinder for Stiriling Crycooler driven by a Liner Compressor 2016$
2 Prof.Dr.M.M.Lele 201623007432/2015,India A ValvedOpposed Piston Liner Compressor 2016$
3 Dr.Mahesh T. Kolte 201621008170/2016 Hearingaid for hearing impaired with minimum latency for better perception of thespeech signal 2016#
4 Dr. Mahesh T.Kolte 2445/MUM/2015,
Processof recognition of 3-D Human Activities 2015$
5 Dr.A.A.Chandvale TEMP/E-1/13949/2015-MUM, India Wireless Alert System forexplosive detection 2014-15#
6 Dr.V.S.Deshpande 767/MUM/2015,India Source initiated bulged multi-path(sibmp) routing scheme to improve fairness in WSN 2014-15$
7 Dr.V.S.Deshpande 768/MUM/2015,India Dynamic scheduling technique (dst)to improve selective throughput in wireless sensor network 2014-15$
8 Dr.V.S.Deshpande 1449/MUM/2015,India Controlled duty cycle (cdc) schemefor energy efficient routing performance in wireless sensor network 2014-15$
9 Dr.V.S.Deshpande 1511/MUM/2015,India Power aware controlled reliabilityprotocol in wireless sensor network 2014-15$
10 Mr.B.N. Jagdale 1793/MUM/2015,India Process for mobile object’slocation privacy using controlled Broadcast protocol 2014-15$
11 Prof.S.D. Limaye 230/MUM/2015A
Passwordbased locking system for vehicle 2014-15#
12 Prof.( Dr.) P.Kumar J.No. 29/2014 dt. 18/07/2014, India Artificialcloud chamber 2014-15$
13 Prof.( Dr.) P. Kumar dt.20/06/2014, India Methodand system to facilitate cloud seeding by tracking of hail forming cloud 2014-15$
14 Dr. V. M. Wadhai 849/MUM/2014,India PhoneticBased Digital Watermark In Text Data Repository 2014-15$
15 Dr. V. M. Wadhai 170/MUM/2014,India AStandalone RFID and NFC Based Healthcare System 2014-15$
16 Dr. A.S.Hiwale
Mrs.J.V. Gadekar
TEMP/E-1/9186/2013-MUM, India Handling weapons by mind usingzigbee 2013-14$
17 Dr.A.A.Chandvale 934/MUM/2013, India System to Measure Strength of TextBased CAPTCHA 2013-14#
18 Mr. V.S. Deshpande 941/MUM/2014, India Achieving Reliability in WSN usingAdaptive Sectoring Method 2013-14$
19 Mr. V.S. Deshpande 1219/MUM/2014,India Congestion Control in WirelessSensor Network using Multi Path Routing Scheme 2013-14$
20 Mr. V.S. Deshpande 1412/MUM/2014,India Optimization of Selectivethroughput using Priwet Scheduling Algorithm 2013-14$
21 Mr. V.S. Deshpande 3495/MUM/2013,India Loss Recovery Model to ImproveReliability in Wireless Sensor Network 2013-14$
22 Mr. V.S. Deshpande 3989/MUM/2013,India QOS Improvement using FederatedMAC Protocol in Wireless Sensor Network 2013-14$
23 Prof.Dr. B.S. Kothawale          3329/MUM/2014, India SolarCool Handcraft for Vegetable Hawkers 2013-14$
24 Prof. ( Dr.) P. Kumar J No. 20/2014 dt 16/05/2014, India Method and system for tracking ofartificial cloud 2013-14$
25 Prof. ( Dr.) P. Kumar J. No. 21/2014 dt. 23/05/2014,India Method and system for managementof hail storms 2013-14$
26 Prof. ( Dr.) P. Kumar J No. 21/2014 dt. 23/05/2014,India Helicopter based system forlaunching of guided projectiles 2013-14$
27 Prof. ( Dr.) P. Kumar J. No. 20/2014 dt. 16/05/2014,India Anti hail rockets with ejectablepyrotechnique cartridge 2013-14$
28 Dr. V. M. Wadhai 301/MUM/2012,India SecurityOf Cognitive Radio Using Smart Radio Channel Change Protocol 2013-14$
29 Dr. V. M. Wadhai 2391/MUM/201,
IndoorLocalization System For Mobile Device With Integration Of Wireless And RfidTechnology 2013-14$
30 Prof.M. R. Chopade 2754/MUM/2012
Journalof Indian Patent
Experimentalanalysis and investigation for thermal behavior of ventilated disc brakerotor using cfd 2012-13$
31  Prof.R.K.Bedi
2468/MUM/2012         24/8/2012, India Method and Apparatus for eye retinal scan to avoid mobile theft 2012-13$
32  Prof.R.K.Bedi
Prof.Sharmishta Desai
16/8/ 2012, India
Method and Apparatus ensuring security of mobile checkpoint data inmobile distributed environment 2012-13$
33 Prof.R.K.Bedi
Prof.Sharmishta Desai
2550/mum/2012A 01/09/ 2012, India Method and Apparatus for fake currency detection 2012-13$
34 Prof. Jayashree Ghorpade
Prof. Reena Pagare
Prof. Anita Thegade
Method and Apparatus for System of Automatic Classification on Botanical herbsusing Leaf Morphology 2012-13$
35 Prof.R.K.Bedi Temp/8565/MUM/2012
Brain Controlled Portable HomeAutomation System 2012-13$
36  Mr. V.S. Deshpande 1715/MUM/2013 EnergyEfficient Reliable Data Collection using Mobile Data Collector Node In WSN 2012-13$
37 Mr. V.S. Deshpande 2011/MUM/2012 CongestionAvoidance & Control  near sinkin  Wireless Sensor Networks using forRandom Topology 2012-13$
38 Mr. V.S. Deshpande 2183/MUM/2012 Processfor Estimation of Flow Rate to Congestion in  Wireless Sensor Networks 2012-13$
39 Mr. V.S. Deshpande 2184/MUM/2012 Reliabilitycontrol in Wireless sensor networks using reporting rate adjustments 2012-13$
40 Mr. V.S. Deshpande 231/MUM/2013 Sectoringapproach for separation of sensor nodes in various sectors to achievereliability 2012-13$
41 Mr. V.S. Deshpande 467/MUM/2013 AdaptiveBandwidth Control to Improve Energy In Wireless Sensor Networks 2012-13$
42 Mr. V.S. Deshpande 2185/MUM/2012A CongestionAvoidance & Control  near sinkin  Wireless Sensor Networks using forchain Topology 2012-13$
43 Mr.V.S. Deshpande 230/MUM/2013 EnergyEfficient Reliable Data Collection using Mobile Data Collector Node In WSN 2012-13$
44 Mr. V.S. Deshpande 3411/MUM/2012A CongestionAvoidance & Control  near sinkin  Wireless Sensor Networks using forRandom Topology 2012-13$
45 Prof.Dipti Patil
Prof.Prasad Halgaonkar
Method and apparatus for Wireless sensor Networkbased Intelligent framework for Mobile Real time Health care System 2011-12$
46 Prof.Dipti Patil
Prof.Prasad Halgaonkar
Method and Apparatus for Outlier Detection for HighDimensional Categorical Data Sets 2011-12$
47 Dr. M. T. Kolte 1521/MUM/2007, India
Patent No. 246965
HearingAid with power spectrum compression of Acoustic signals and method augmentingAcoustic signals Filed 2007,
48 Dr. M. T. Kolte 841/MUM/2008,
IndiaPatent No. 267040
Speech Enhancement for HearingImpaired in Telecommunication Devices Filed 2008

# Filed Patent
$ Published Patent
* Granted patent
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