MITCOE Counseling

MITCOE Counseling

MIT COE, Pune believes in maintaining pace with current scenarios and thus provides the students with the facilities that they require to deliver their optimum productivity. The counseling facility is one such facility provided by the institute. Counseling is a necessity for the students as they need guidance to deal with day to day issues or severe issues that become a hindrance in their academic performance. The counselor Ms. Shrutkirti Fadnavis, assists the students by guiding them in the right direction for aspects of problem solving and decision making. The main focus of the counselor is to prepare the student and make him/her self sufficient to deal with the issues they face.
What are the benefits of counseling?
• Enhanced level of confidence.
• Sense of self belief.
• Improved academic performance.
• Self discipline.
• Improved thought process.
• Improved self esteem
• Development of coping skills.
• Development of problem solving skills.
• Development of overall mental well-being.
• Development of positive thinking ability.
• Development of competency skills.
• Development of intrinsic motivation.
• Increase in productivity level.
• Increase in efficiency level.
• Vocational guidance.
• Interpersonal skills.
• Personality development

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