MAEER’s MITCOE, Pune have Center of Excellence in Computing and IT applications in department of Information Technology that possesses infrastructure, experience, expertise and skills required in carrying out research and support activities in specific IoT and cloud computing related thereto and in the course of its activities accepts specific tasks, projects and assignments specified by companies.
  • As an Initiative, consultancy project (amount Rs. 1, 00,000) is undertaken by Prof. S. N .Bhutada,  Prof. P. V. Talele and Dr. A.A.Chandavale from company named Pragmatic TechSoft, Pune.
  • To inculcate research culture, an expert lecture on How to write effective Research Proposal by Dr.P. P. Rege (Head –E&T/C, COEP, Pune) was organized.
  • Dr. A. A. Chandavale took initiative to collaborate with company named Tech Mahindra Ltd.  for consultancy projects. Currently faculties of IT are contributing for few consultancy projects in collaboration with Tech Mahindra Ltd..
Following are the details of consultancy project taken under Centre of Excellence
Name of Company Title of Project Name of Faculty involved in Consultancy Project
Black Berry Missing Child Dr. Anjali Chandavale
Pragmatic Techsoft AWS IoT cloud based application (cold storage) Prof. Saranga Bhutada
Dr. Anjali Chandavale
Prof. Pratvina Talele
Tech Mahindra XD Life Dr. Anjali Chandavale
Tech Mahindra Video Bill Prof. Manisha Thakkar
Prof. Khushboo Satpute
Tech Mahindra X Retail System Prof. Dhanashri Wategaonkar
Prof. Prachi Sarode

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