Research Projects

Sr. No. NameOf Faculty PatentTitle FiledDate Status Remarks PublicationNumber
1 Dr. A.S.Hiwale Handlingweapons by mind using zigbee 4/9/2013 Published National 2870/MUM/2013A
2 Dr.A.A. Chandavale Wireless Alert System for explosive detection 14/5/2015 Filed National TEMP/E-1/13949/2015-MUM
3 Dr. A.A. Chandavale System to measure strength of text based captcha Published International
4 Prof. B N Jagdale Processfor mobile object’s location privacy using controlled Broadcast protocol 30/05/2014 Published National 1793/MUM/2014-J35/2014
5 Prof. D.N. Wategaonkar Sectoringapproach for separation of sensor nodes in various sectors to achievereliability 25/01/2013 Published National 230/MUM/2013
6 Prof.J.V. Gadekar “Asmart phone based BCI for secret remote communication using wireless sensornetwork" 1/12/2012 Published National 3411/MUM/2012A
7 Prof.J.V.Gadekar Handlingweapons by mind using zigbee 4/9/2013 Published National 2870/MUM/2013A
8 Prof. Dr. V.S. Deshpande Energy Efficient Reliable Data Collection usingMobile Data Collector Node In WSN 15/05/2013 Published National 1715/MUM/2013
9 Prof. Dr. V.S. Deshpande Congestion Avoidance & Control near sink inWireless Sensor Networks using for Random Topology 12/7/2012 Published National 2011/MUM/2012
10 Prof. Dr. V.S. Deshpande Process for Estimation of Flow Rate to Congestion inWireless Sensor Networks 31/7/2012 Published National 2183/MUM/2012
11 Prof. Dr. V.S. Deshpande Reliability control in Wireless sensor networksusing reporting rate adjustments 31/7/2012 Published National 2184/MUM/2012
12 Prof. Dr. V.S. Deshpande Sectoring approach for separation of sensor nodes invarious sectors to achieve reliability 25/01/2013 Published National 231/MUM/2013
13 Prof. Dr. V.S. Deshpande Adaptive Bandwidth Control to Improve Energy InWireless Sensor Networks 18/02/2013 Published National 467/MUM/2013
14 Prof. Dr. V.S. Deshpande Congestion Avoidance & Control near sink inWireless Sensor Networks using for chain Topology 31/07/2012 Published National 2185/MUM/2012 A
15 Prof. Dr. V.S. Deshpande Achieving Reliability in WSN using AdaptiveSectoring Method 21/3/2014 Published National 941/MUM/2014
16 Prof. Dr. V.S. Deshpande Congestion Control in Wireless Sensor Network usingMulti Path Routing Scheme 29/03/2014 Published National 1219/MUM/2014
17 Prof. Dr. V.S. Deshpande Optimization of Selective throughput using PriwetScheduling Algorithm 19/04/2014 Published National 1415/MUM/2014
18 Prof. Dr. V.S. Deshpande Loss Recovery Model to Improve Reliability inWireless Sensor Network 4/11/2013 Published National 3495/MUM/2013
19 Prof. Dr. V.S. Deshpande QOS Improvement using Federated MAC Protocol inWireless Sensor Network 21/12/2013 Published National 3989/MUM/2013
20 Prof. Dr. V.S. Deshpande Source initiated bulged multi-path (sibmp) routingscheme to improve fairness in WSN 10/3/0205 Published National 767/MUM/2015
21 Prof. Dr. V.S. Deshpande Dynamic Scheduling Technique (DST) to improveselective throughput in wireless sensor network 10/3/2015 Published National 768/MUM/2015
22 Prof. Dr. V.S. Deshpande Controlled Duty Cycle (CDC) scheme for energyefficient routing performance in wireless sensor network 7/4/2015 Published National 1449/MUM/2015
23 Prof. Dr. V.S. Deshpande Power aware controlled reliability protocol inwireless sensor network 10/4/2015 Published National 1511/MUM/2015