The Constitution

Article 1 - Purpose

The IEEE | MIT College of Engineering SB, Pune represents the student branch for an international organisation, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. IEEE | MIT College of Engineering SB, Pune plans different events and activities for the Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering and Computer Science Department at MIT College of Engineering, Pune. These activities include research panels and discussions, group trip Faculty Dinners for students, study breaks, and other exciting events.

Article 2 - Membership

  1. Any member of the MIT College of Engineering community is eligible to become a member of this organization. One is considered a member of this organization in any given academic term if he/she has attended at least one student branch activity and one meeting in the preceding or current term if he/she has the IEEE Membership for the same year.
  2. This organization will not discriminate based on any characteristic listed in MIT College of Engineering's Nondiscrimination Statement.
  3. If this organization charges any monetary dues, there will be exceptions made for students that cannot afford these dues.

Article 3 - Officers

  1. Executive Board Officer Positions: This organization is made up of a set of officers on the Executive Board as well as a general membership.
    1. Chairman
      1. The Chairman shall be the official representative of the group to any other organization and to MIT College of Engineering, Pune
      2. The Chairman will preside over all meetings.
      3. The Chairman is responsible for determining when meetings are and publicizing this to the group.
      4. The Chairman will call vote by officers for any issues he/she feels requires the immediate attention on part of the executive board.
    2. Vice Chairman
      1. The Vice-Chairman may perform all the listed functions of the Chairman beside or in the absence of the Chairman.
      2. The Vice Chairman will fill in/delegate the role of an individual chair if that individual is unable to complete his/her individual duties.
    3. Treasurer
      1. The treasurer shall be responsible for the finances of the group, including but not limited to reimbursements, purchase orders, and funding requests.
      2. The treasurer is required to sign all checks/vouchers of the group.
      3. The treasurer is responsible for creating biannual budgets (at the beginning of the term) and financial reports (at the end of the term) and make this information available to all board members
    4. Secretary
      1. The secretary is responsible for taking minutes at all meetings and making this record available for all board members. The secretary is also responsible for making all room reservations for organization functions.
    5. Focus Group Chairs
      1. There will be three focus groups, responsible for Social, Faculty, and Publicity functions of the organization. Up to two individuals may hold a chairman position for the focus group. Individual roles of each Focus Group Chair will be determined at the first meeting of each term.
    6. Webmaster
      1. The webmaster is responsible for keeping the IEEE | MIT College of Engineering SB website up-to-date with current activities of the club. The webmaster is also responsible for maintaining the member` emailing list.
    7. Historian
      1. The historian is responsible for maintaining the IEEE blog as well as preserving the history of the organization.
  2. Executive Officer Terms: All officers of this organization must be distinct persons and current MITCOE undergraduate students. The term of office is one year for each officer position, though each officer can be reelected to the position for up to 4 terms.
  3. Elections:
    1. Elections of officers shall occur annually in April or May.
    2. Any member of this organization is eligible to run for office.
    3. Quorum for elections is two-thirds of the group.
    4. Any member is elected if he or she wins a majority of the voting members.
    5. If more than two people are running and no one wins a majority, then the person with the fewest votes is dropped from the ballot and votes are recast.
    6. The term of office runs from one election to the subsequent election.
  4. Officer Expectations:
    1. Officers must attend all executive meetings.
    2. Officers should respond to all IEEE | MIT College of Engineering SB related emails requiring individual action in a timely manner.
    3. Officers should behave in a manner that best represents the organization and follow standard code of conduct at events.
    4. Officers should be proactive in his/her responsibilities and have a positive, cooperative attitude towards other members of the organization.
    5. If an officer does not met expectations listed above, he/she is subject to removal and replacement.
  5. Removal:
    1. If an officer is negligent in his/her duties, is absent from meetings, and/or acts in a manner that is deemed irresponsible or injurious to the organization, he/she may be removed by a two-thirds vote of the members.

Article 4 - Meetings

  1. Meetings shall be held at least every two weeks.
  2. Meetings shall be presided over by the president, unless she is absent, and in that case the vice president shall preside.
  3. All decisions shall be made by a majority vote of all members present.
  4. Quorum for a meeting shall be one-quarter of the members of the organization.

Article 5 - Amendments

  1. Amendments shall be presented by any member of the organization.
  2. Amendments shall be passed by a two-thirds voted of the members present.
  3. Quorum for amending this constitution shall be two-thirds of all members of the organization.