Workshop / Guest Lecture

Activities conducted in Year 2015-16
List of Workshop Conducted
Module Description Any other contributory institute/ industry Developed
/ Organized by
Duration Resource Persons Target Audience Usage and citation, etc.
1 EDA Tools in PCB Design & PIC Microcontroller Programming Professor, MITCOE, Pune Prof. R.Y. Mali
Prof. Y.K. Subrao
Prof. S.N. Motade
Prof. G.G. Narkhede
15/06/2015 to
On-line T.E. A & B Students Students liked the Easy concepts of Software toolbox utilization
2 Skill Development in Electronics Design Managing Director Prof. D.S. Nath
Prof. K.G. Gunale
Prof. A.Y. Deshpande
Prof. V.U. Patel
Mr. Sanjay Joglekar Faculties from different Colleges & M.E.
Second year Students
Participants Enjoyed session. More emphasis is given on practical design
3 Fundamental of C Workshop MITCOE, E&TC Dept. Prof. M.N. Annadate 09/07/2015-
S.E. Students S.E. A & B Students Mutual Talk & Discussion on Fundamentals of programming improved the logic for the students
4 “BE Project Selection Meeting” 1. Panosonic Pune,
2. Reanu microelectronics Pune,
3. Adroit Autotech, Pune
4. KPIT Pune
5. Knorr Bremse, Pune,
6. Wavelet Technology, Pune
Prof. Dr. V V Shete
Prof. R. D. Komati.
10/07/15 1.Mr. Nikhil Nahar,
2.Mr. Abhay Tambe, 3.Rajendra Joshi,
4.Mr. Prasad Yedurkar
5. Mr. Pratap Gaikwad,
6. Mr. Ganesh
BE(E&TC) Industry Experts Shared their knowledge with the students which helped students to finalize their projects
5 MATLAB Workshop On-line Prof. S.M. Kulkarni
Prof. P.P. Gundewar
II nd Year Students
Got a coding knowledge about the reading & displaying image using
6 B.E. Project Selection Meeting KPIT, Pune Prof. R.D. Komati 22/07/2015 Mr. Prasad Yedurkar B.E. E&TC Finalization of project from Experts
7 Open CV Workshop MITCOE, Students Prof. S.M. Kulkarni
Prof. P.P. Gundewar
B.E. Students S.E. Students Hands on Practice for students about Basics of Open CV Plotting & functions of programming
8 MATLAB Workshop B.E. Students Prof. S.M. Kulkarni
Prof. P.P. Gundewar
Ankit, Tejas, Gouri, Aishwarya, Apurva S.E. & T.E. Students Basics of MATLAB , Image Processing toolbox
9 Workshop on “Embedded System Design” Alumni Student Prof. S.R. Danve
Prof. N.M. Pradhan
Tanaya Vadgave T.E. & B.E. Students Embedded product development & protocols
10 Android App development Professor, MITCOE Pune Mr. Pradeepkumar Dhage 27/08/2015 Mr. Pradeepkumar Dhage T.E. Students Hands on experience on Android App development
11 Workshop on Lab VIEW Technical Manager Prof. R.D. Komati 27/08/2015
Mr. Rahul Chavanke E&TC Faculty &
Explored details of Lab View
12 Use of Circuit simulation in Teaching Electronics Department of electrical engineering, IIT-Bombay Prof. U.S. Rawandale 04/09/2015
Prof. Dr. Mahesh Patil Staff E&TC,
How to simulate ciruit using sequel
13 FDP on Business Analytics and Intelligence Sponsored by SPPU & under QIP Prof. Shushila Aghav 15/12/2015
Mr. Girish palshikar FDP BAI Business analytics and intelligence service related knowledge
14 Recent trends in E&TC & IT 1. Professor, IIT Bombay
2. Associate Professor, MIT, Pune
3. Professor, MITCOE
4. Professor, MITCOE Pune
5. Prof. & HOD E&TC Dr. D.Y. Patil Institute
6. –
Dr. Krishna K. Warhade 22/12/2015
1. Prof. S.N. Merchant
2. Prof. B.M. Patil
3. Dr. Siddhivinayak Kulkarni
4. Dr. B.S. Chaudhary
5. Dr. S.R. Jog
6. Dr. Sudeep Thepade
B.E. & M.E.
To know recent trends and developments in E&TC and IT field
15 TE Project SPJ Embedded Tech Pvt. Ltd Prof. R.D. Komati 05/01/2016 Mr. Jeevan Kataria T.E. Students Technical contents and hands on experience on the practical things
16 TE Mini Project 3S Technologies Prof. R.D. Komati 06/01/2016 Charuta Samant T.E. Students Technical contents and hands on experience on the practical things
List of guest lecture Conducted
Module Description Any other contributory institute/ industry Developed
/ Organized by
Duration Resource Persons Target Audience Usage and citation, etc.
1 How to Prepare for
I.C.E. Gate Institute
Prof. K.G. Gunale
Prof. Y.K. Subrao
Prof. S.N. Motade
Prof. G.G. Narkhede
25/06/2015 Mr. Jay Bhosale T.E. A &B Explained the exam pattern , syllabus, then selection in govt. & private sector
Jobs through GATE, FEES & Stipend
2 How to get started with Rasperry Pi Prof. Y.K. Subrao 26/06/2015 Miss Aditi Doiphode
Miss Ashwini Bhand
T.E. B. Div R Pi Hardware , Software , Projects and Applications
3 How to get started with Raspberry Pi Prof. S.N. Motade 07/07/2015 Miss Aditi Doiphode T.E. (A&B) Div Explained very nicely about software installation , hardware
What projects we can do
& various applications
of Raspberri Pi
4 Creativity & Innovation Prof. U.S. Rawandale 10/07/2015 Mr. Chandrakant Golchha S.E., T.E., B.E. Explained about the term creativity
5 BE Project Reanu- Microelectronics Pune Prof. R D Komati 10/07/2015 Mr. Abhay Tambe BE (E&TC) A and B Expert Lecture
6 Preparation for campus interviews Prof. S.M. Kulkarni
Prof. R.D. Komati
16/07/2015 Shruti Karande
Kiran Thorat
Omkar Kulkarni
A & B Div
Different Interview techniques
7 Motivational talk on Higher studies Global Project Engineer Prof. N.M. Pradhan 24/07/2015 Ms. Gayatri Deshpande T.E. E&TC Proper Directions to Higher studies
8. Placement and career Prof. S.R. Danve
Prof. N.M. Pradhan
20/08/2015 Mr. Rohan Dhamdhere B.E & T.E Details about Placement and Career Related
9 Soc Design in VLSI Domain Sanved d–A Pune Prof. S.R. Kinge 20/08/2015 Mr. Sandeep Sathe P.G. Students Lecture was informative about different domains in VLSI
10 Aspiring Minds ‘AMCAT’ Prof. U.S. Rawandale
Prof. S.N. Motade
Prof. Y.K. Subrao
21/08/2015 Mr. Ravi Shah TE(A) & (B) Details about AMCAT Exam
11 Microwave Applications in Medical Domain Prof. T.S. Chaware
Prof. P. Pardeshi
14/09/2015 Mr. Bhaskar Naidu B.E. A&B Applications of microwave in medical domain has been explored & guidance is given for career in RF Domain.
12 AMCAT Exam Prof. M.N. Annadate
Prof. U.S. Rawandale
Prof. A.V. Deshmukh
08/12/2015 Mr. Zeeshan Ali S.E. Students Computer adaptive test