Centre of Excellence

Centre of Excellence in ‘Signal Processing and Embedded Systems’

Motivation: To provide high-quality postgraduate and postdoctoral training environment for the next generation of researchers and support innovation-based endeavors.
Aim: To promote a culture of research amongst the students and faculties.
Objectives of COE:

  • To Promote Research Activities
  • To Encourage Research Publications, Patents/IPR
  • To Facilitate Consultancy/Funded Projects
  • To Provide Industrial Training
  • To Develop Commercial Products
  • To Strengthen Industry Institute Interaction
  • To Provide platform to students to interact with industry experts

Special Interest Groups
The Department has well qualified and experienced faculties with expertise encompassing wide range of domains in the field of Electronics and Telecommunication. We have formed Special Interest Groups according to the expertise and interest areas of the faculties:

Special interest groups Faculties
VLSI Dr.M.S.Nagmode,U.S.Rawandale,R.D.Komati,
Embedded System P.P.Gundewar,S.R.Danve,K.G.Gunale,P.C.Dhage, G.G.Narkhede
Signal Processing Dr.V.V.Shete,Dr.S.A.Khoje,S.R.Kinge,R.Y.Mali,S.N.Motade,Y.K.Subbarao,P.Pardeshi
Communication Systems S.B.Somani,A.R.Askhedkar,N.M.Pradhan,U.S.Rawandale,V.U.Patel, T.S.Chaware,M.H.Patil, P.Pardeshi,Dr.S.Umbarkar
Image Processing Dr.M.S.Nagmode,Dr.K.K.Warhade,C.V.Kulkarni,K.S.Bapat,S.M.Kulkarni,P.P.Gundewar,M.N.Annadate, R.D.Komati ,A.Y.Deshpande, Dr.S.A.Khoje
Soft Computing Dr.V.V.Shete,J.A.Lele, D.S.Nath

Industry collaborations and MoUs

MITCOE and the department has collaborations with various companies for Student Development Programs like Technical Guest Lectures, Seminars, Workshops, Visit to the Industry, project sponsorship. Companies also extend support for set up of ‘Centre for Excellence’ on MIT Campus for Academic Purposes.
MITCOE has signed various MOU with few companies like Black Berry, KPIT, Infosys, Shriyantra Automation, Hi-Tech Electronics, SPJ Embedded Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Reanu Microelectronics, Ahana Technologies and many more.
These companies provide project guidance, technical expertise in their expert domains like Automotive Domain in case of KPIT. E&TC students learn under their Program forAcademicCollaboration andEngagement (PACE).It enables core E &TC placement in Automotive Domain, Projects, and faculty Training. Infosys Campus Connect program provides Seminars and faculty training for colleges. This gives an industry perspective to the faculty and the students.

KPIT E&TC Department is running AUTOSAR program under KPIT PACE program
BlackBerry Research Projects in the area of Android & Image Processing are ongoing under BlackBerry
Infosys Provide the training to INFOSYS Placed students
Hi-Tech Supporting set up for ‘Centre for Excellence’ & participation in technical events in the area of Advance Communications
REANU Students development Programs & Supporting set up for ‘Centre for Excellence’ in the area of VLSI & Embedded System
Logsun Systems,Pune Students development Programs & Supporting set up for ‘Centre for Excellence’
SPJ Embedded Technology PVT LTD Students development Programs & Supporting set up for ‘Centre for Excellence’ in the area of Embedded System
Fresh Gravity Software Services India Pvt. Ltd Contribution in Student Development Programs, Soft Skills & Personality Development workshops, Projects for the students based on the merit
Aahana Technologies Student development Programs & Supporting set up for ‘Centre for Excellence’
Bit Mapper Integration Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Student development Programs & Supporting set up for ‘Centre for Excellence’
Canvito Software LLP Student development Programs & Supporting set up for ‘Centre for Excellence’
COTMAC ELECTRONICS, PUNE Student development Programs
MILMAN Student development Programs & Supporting set up for ‘Centre for Excellence’
Xcel Solar Power ,Ajay Industries, Aurangabad Student development Programs & Supporting set up for ‘Centre for Excellence’
TECHNOFIELD SOLUTIONS Student development Programs & Supporting set up for ‘Centre for Excellence’
Research & Development

The department consistently publishes research work in reputed journals and international conferences every year. Frequently new ideas and techniques are patented, based on their research work.

Patents and Copyrights
  • Dr.R.B,Ghongade has two copyrights,’ Discrete Design Factory ‘,’ Power Transformer Design 50 Hz ‘,2015 and has filed three patents since January 2016.
  • Dr. M. S. Nagmode has published book named “Video Survelliance System” in March, 2014, LAP Lambert Academic Publishing.
  • Dr. K. K. Warhade published a book titled “Video Shot Boundary Detection” in September, 2011, River Publisher.
  • Dr. Suchitra Khoje published a book named “Processor Architecture and Interfacing” in January, 2016, Nirali Prakashan.
Research Publications
Academic Year International/National Conferences International/National Journals
2014-15 22 32
2015-16 09 21
2016-17 06 09
Research Proposals

Department faculties submit proposals to various funding agencies for carrying out research work such as BCUD, ICMR, MSJE etc. in the areas of Signal Processing, Image Processing, Biomedical, Wireless Communication etc.

Academic Year Applied Approved
2014-15 7 1
2015-16 9 3
2016-17 6 In process
Ongoing Research/Consultancy Projects
  1. The Center for Pranic Healing (TCFPH), Pune
  2. Objectives: The objectives of this research project are to investigate possibility of measurements in quantitative terms in order to establish pranic healing as a science.
    Team Members: Prof. Dr.V .V Shete , Prof. Dr.K.K.Warhade, Prof A. R. Askhedkar, Prof.M.N.Annadate, Prof. T.S. Chaware, Prof. Y. Subbarao.

  3. Aashay Measurements Pvt.Ltd, Pune
  4. Objectives: The objectives of this project are data acquisition,conversion and processing so as to make it compatible according to predefined standards for AWS.
    Team Members: Prof.V.U.Patel, Prof. Y. Subbarao, Prof A. R. Askhedkar