Sr. No. Name Of Faculty Title of Patent/ Book/ Copyright Filed Date Status Remarks
1 Prof. Dr. Prachi M. Joshi System and method to generate notifications for text messages based on content relevance and priority 14/07/2016 Filed National Patents
2 Prof. Amit S. Savyanavar Method and Apparatus for high performance computing using mobile grid 04/11/2015 Filed National Patents
3 Prof. Prasad S. Halgaonkar Method and Apparatus for Secure Healthcare System Based on Near Field Communication (NFC) 04/11/2015 Filed National Patents
4 Prof. R.K.Bedi Brain Controlled Portable Home Automation System 31/08/2012 Filed National Patents
5 Prof. R.K.Bedi, Prof. Sharmishta Desai Method And Apparatus For Eye Retinal Scan To Avoid Mobile Theft 16/08/2012 Filed National Patents
6 Prof. R.K.Bedi, Prof. Sharmishta Desai Method and apparatus ensuring security of mobile checkpoint data in mobile distributed environment 16/08/2012 Filed National Patents
7 Prof. Anita M. Thengade, Prof. Jayshree Aher (Ghorpade) Method And Apparatus For Identifying Fake Currency 01/09/2012 Filed National Patents
8 Prof. Jayashree Ghorpade Prof. Reena Pagare, Prof. Anita Thengade Method and apparatus for system of automatic classification on botanical herbs using leaf morphology 01/09/2012 Filed National Patents
9 Prof. Prasad S. Halgaonkar, Prof. Dr. V.M.Wadhai, Prof. Dipti Patil Method and Apparatus for Outlier Detection for High Dimensional Categorical Data Sets 18/04/2011 Granted National Patents
10 Prof. Dipti Patil, Prof. Dr. V.M.Wadhai, Prof. Prasad S. Halgaonkar Method and apparatus for Wireless sensor Network based intelligent framework for Mobile Real time Health care System 18/04/2011 Filed National Patents