R & D Consultancy

Research is one of the main objectives of any academic institute. Faculty members from the Department of Computer Engineering conduct research in variety of fundamental and applied areas, including machine learning, high performance computing, image processing, databases, big data analytics, health informatics, sensor networks and security. The department has established a Centre of Excellence to carry out high quality research in collaboration with renowned universities and research institutes globally. Graduate and postgraduate students are engaged to carry out research projects under the guidance of the faculty members and industry mentors. The faculty members have received external funding to carry out their research in various disciplines of Computer Engineering.

Department of Computer Engineering has collaboration with the Centre of Informatics and Applied Optimization at Federation University, Australia to carry out research in multidisciplinary areas, to apply for research funding and exchange visits of research active staff members.

For more information regarding research at Computer Engineering Department, please check the webpage for Centre of Excellence for Machine Intelligence and High Performance Computing.