FDP on BAI 2015

Inaugural function of FDP was presided by Dr. Mangesh T. Karad, Executive Director and Secretary,MAEER’s MIT Group of Institutions. Prof. Dr. Manoj Nagmode , Principal, MITCOE, Prof. Dr.R.V. Pujeri , Vice Principal, MITCOE. Mr.Shekhar Sahasrabuddhe, Consultant, Persistent Ltd. was the Guest of Honor and Mr.Girish Palshikar, Principal Scientist, TRDDC was the Chief Guest for the inauguration function.

FDP was coordinated by Prof.Sushila Aghav, Prof. Sharmista Desai, Prof.Deepali Javale, Prof.Sambhaji Sarode, Computer Engineering, MITCOE, Pune.

Sessions are conducted by renowned faculties and industry person from various institutions and industris.

Mr.Girish Palshikar (TRDDC, Pune) conducted session on “BI Introduction and Algorithms for Outlier Detection”.

Dr.Jayshree Prasad,SCOE,Pune conducted “Overview of BI Applications” by. “Big data Dr.S.T.Patil, VIT, Pune conducted Classification using MATLAB”

Prof.Sushila Aghav, MITCOE and our UG student Mr.Bunty Kumar conducted session on “Big data Analysis using Python”

Prof.Deepali Javale,MITCOE conducted session on “IOT in Data Analysis” which was delivered by MITCOE faculty.

Prof.Jyto Malhotra,MITCOE conducted session on “Hadoop Installation”.

Dr.Manasi Patwardhan,VIT,Pune conducted session on “Cluster and Proximity based outlier analysis and its applications”

Dr.Ashish Tendulkar,Reliance Ltd,Mumbai conducted session on machine learning using R.

Mr.Dhanaji Ghorapade from IBM,Pune conducted session on BAI.

Prof.Jayshree Ghorpade and Prof.B.N.Jagdale,MITCOE conducted sessions on “Current Trends in Data Analytics” and “Security aspects in Big data Intelligence & Analytics”.

Mr.Tejas Sathe from University of Maryland ,USA conducted session on “Sentiment Analysis” through video conferencing.

Dr.Vahida Attar,COEP,Pune deliverd lecture on topic “Introductory concepts of big data for IoT applications”.

“Mathematical Modelling for Problem solving in “Business Analytics and Intelligence”. It is delivered by Prof.Ashutosh Marathe,VIT,Pune.

Mr.Vardhman Modi, PSPL, Pune delivered session on “Big Data, Apache Spark”

Mr.Atul Thakurdas , Statistics Consultant, Adjoint Faculty to various Institution, Mumbai demonstrted the Use of Stastics in Business Analytics.

“Time series data analysis” topic was delivered by Dr.A.R.Dani,Raisoni College,Pune.

Dr.Vrushlai Kulkarni,MIT,Pune Madam conducted session on “Ensemble Algorithm”.

Prof.Sharmishta Desai,MITCOE,Pune demonstrated “Java Programming on Hadoop”.

Dr.Abhijit Mancharkar,MITCOE, disceed on “Research Trends in Business Analytics”.

Prof.Nagesh Jadhav,MITCOE,Pune demonstrated Use of “KNMIE Tool” for Data Analytics.

Dr.R.V.Pujeri,MITCOE,Pune deliverd a lecture on “Business Analytics Review”.

Finally we have concluded ten days FDP with Valedictory function in which we have received very good oral as well as written feedback from participants.