Lab Name Subject Practical in
Subject Practical in
Equipped with
Lab 1-
Testing of Material Lab
SOM Concrete Technology CTM, Torsion Testing m/c, Tile Flexure testing m/c, flow table, slump cone, vibrator, Izod/ charpy Impact testing m/c. aggregate impact testing m/c.
Lab 2-
Fluid Mechanics Lab
Fluid Mechanics II Fluid
Mechanics I
Tilting Flume, Buoyancy apparatus, Electrical Analogy apparatus, Heleshaw’s apparatus, Models of pressure measuring devices.
Lab 3-
Computer Lab
Lab 4- Environmental Engg. Lab EE-II EE-I Digital PH meter
Flame photometer
Jar Test Apparatus
Incubators BOD
High Volume Air Sampler
Distillation Assembly
Sound level meter
Hot air Oven
Auto Clave Vertical
Double Beam UV/VIS Spectrophotometer
Dissolved oxygen meter
COD Digestion apparatus
Conductivity cum TDS meter
Balance Electronic
Muffle furnace
Turbidity meter
Magnatic stirrer
Imoff cone With stand(acrylic)
Heating Mental
Lab 5 Transportation Engg. Lab TRE Marshall Test apparatus, LosAnglis Abrasion Testing m/c, Breaking head test apparatus, Ductility testing m/c, Ring and ball apparatus, Standard tar viscometer, Flash and fire point apparatus, centrifuge apparatus, crushing value apparatus, film stripping device, specific gravity apparatus, length gauge
Lab 6-
Engineering Geology Lab
EG All samples of rocks and minerals.
Lab 7-
Geotechnical Engg. Lab
GTE Shrinkage limit apparatus, Direct shear test apparatus, Core cutter with dolly, Oven, extractor frame, Motorized sieve shaker, Liquid limit apparatus, vane shear apparatus, Sand pouring apparatus, Swell test apparatus, constant and Falling head permeability test apparatus, balance, Unconfined compression test apparatus
Lab 8- Engineering Mechanics Lab EM Belt friction apparatus, beam reaction apparatus, space force apparatus, curvilinear motion apparatus, coefficient of restitution apparatus.
Lab 9-
Basic Civil Engg.
BCE Electronic Theodolite, Transite Theodolite, Auto level, Dumpy level, staff, ranging rods, chain, tape, open cross staff, plane table, optical square.