Publication Details

Sr. No. Name of Faculty Title of Research Paper Name of Journal Month, Year Details of Publications
1 Prof.(Dr.) Kiran Sonawane Manifestation of Varying Grading level in CdSe/ZnSe graded core/shell nanocrystal J. Phys. Chem C 2016 vol 120, pp.5257 (2016)
2 Prof. (Dr.) Prashant Malvadkar On 3-connected es-splittingbinary matroids Asian Euro. J. Math. 2016 Vol. 9,
No. 1 (2016) 16500171-10.
3 Prof. Dr. RupalShroff Generalized extending ideals inModular lattices, J. Ind. Math. Soc. 2016 accepted for publication
4 Prof. Anagha Karne Systematic comparison of DFT andCCSD dipole moments, polarizabilities and hyperpolarizabilities Chem. Phys. Lett. 2015 Vol. 635 pp. 168 (2015)
5 Prof.(Dr.) Kiran Sonawane strain induced hierarcgyof energy levels in CdS/ZnSnanocrystals J. Phys. Chem. C. 2015 vol. 119 pp24165 (2015)
6 Prof.(Dr.) Sachin Kulkarni Synthesis and characterization ofFe3O4@Ag nanocomposite Int. J. Adv. Sci. Tech. Res 2015 . Vol 5, pp.76 (2015)
7 Prof. K.K. Kokate Sonochemical Synthesis andCharacterization of PEDOT-ZnO nanocomposite, International Journal of NanoScienceand Nanotechnology. 2015 ISSN 0974-3081 Volume 6, Number 2 (2015), pp.101-108
8 Prof. K.K. Kokate Synthesis and Magnetic Properties of Poly (3, 4 – Ethylenedioxythiophene) (PEDOT)/Fe3O4 Composites InternationalJournal of Innovative Technology and Research 2015 Volume No.3, Issue No.2, February – March 2015, 1925 –1929
9 Prof. (Dr.) P. Kumar OneSolution for the System of Second Order ODEs by ADM and Application ofPhysics Problems, International Journal of Modern Sciences andEngineering Technology (IJMSET), 2015 Volume 2, Issue 2, 2015, pp.1-10
10 Prof. (Dr.) P. Kumar Radar Imageries InformationExtraction and its use in Pre-Hail Estimation Algorithm; Mausam 2015 Accepted for publication
11 Prof. (Dr.) Chandradeepa Chitalkar Method of upper lowersolutions for fractional integro diffusion equation Nonlinear Studies 2015 vol. 22 pp495 (2015)
12 Prof. Dr. Rupal Shroff Ojective ideals in Modular lattices, Czech. Math. J. 2015 vol. 65 (2015), issue 1, pp. 161-178
13 Prof.(Dr.) Kiran Sonawane Generation of White light fromco-doped (Cu and Mn) ZnSe QDs J. Expt. Nanosci. 2015 VOL. 10pp. 1082 (2015)
14 Prof.(Dr.) Kiran Sonawane Synthesis and optical propertiesof copper doped ZnSequantum dots Phys. Scr. 2015 VOL.90 PP 015803 (2015)
15 Prof.(Dr.) Kiran Sonawane Impact of Lattice strain on optcal properties of CdSNanocrystals Solid State Commun. 2014 VOL. 192, pp.6. (2014)
16 Prof.(Dr.) Kiran Sonawane Electron Energy Level Engineeringin Zn1-xCdxSe Nanocrystals J. Mater Chem. C 2014 vol. 2 pp.8077 (2014)
17 Prof. (Dr.) Prashant Malvadkar A characterization of n-connectedsplitting matroids, Asian-European Journal ofMathematics 2014 Vol. 7, No. 4 (2014) 1450060 (7pages)
18 Prof. K.K. Kokate Synthesisand magnetic properties of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) PEDOT-Fe3O4composites International Journal of innovative technology and research 2015 Volume No-3,IssueNo-2,2015,1925-1929.
19 Prof. ( Dr.) P. Kumar One Solution of Multi-termFractional Differential Equations by Adomiandecomposition Method,. Int. J. Sci. INNOv. Math. Res. 2014 Vol.10,Issue X, Dec.2014, pp203-209
20 Prof. (Dr.) Shalini Garg Design Parameters of DifferentConfiguration of Optical Filters Made up
of MgF2 and Ta2O5
Int. J. Innov.Res. Sci. Eng. Technol. 2015 Vol.4, Issue 1, January 2015
21 Prof. (Dr.) Prashant Malvadkar A Forbidden-MinorCharacterization for the Class of Regular
Matroids which Yield the CographicEs-Splitting Matroids,
LobachevskiiJournal of Mathematics, 2013 Vol. 34, No. 2, pp. 173–180.
22 Prof. (Dr.) Sachin Kulkarni Effect of synthesis route onthe structural, optical and magnetic properties of Fe3O4 nanoparticles Ceram. Int. 2014 Vol . 40 PP. 1945 (2014)
23 Prof. (Dr.) Sachin Kulkarni Synthesis and Characterizationof Superparamagnetic Fe3O4@SiO2 Nanoparticles J. Korean Chem. Soc. 2014 Vol 58, pp. 100(2014)
24 Prof. ( Dr.)P. Kumar The Solution ofThree-Dimension of Heat Conduction Equation by AdomianDecomposition Method Research Journal ofComputation and Mathematics, , 2014 SciknowPublication Ltd., 2(1): 2014, pp. 1-6
25 Prof. ( Dr.)P. Kumar The Solution ofOne-Dimensional Heat Conduction Equation by AdomianDecomposition Method International Journal ofPhysical Chemical and Mathematical Sciences, 2013 Vol.2, Jul-Dec. 2013, pp-67-72
Sr.No. Name of Faculty Title of Research Paper Name of Conference Month, Year
1 Dr. ChandradeepaChitalkar National Conference on Recent Trends inMathematics and its Applications, KMU, Madurai, 21-23Dec 2015
2 Prof. (Dr.) Kiran Sonawane Energy Level Engineering in graded and alloyed NCs Frontiers of Advanced Materials(FAM-1015) June15-18,2015, IISC Banglore June15-18,2015
3 Prof. (Dr.) PrashantMalvadkar Some results on element splitting operation and es-splittingoperation on binary materoids INNOVATION-2015 7th Aug 2015, Universityof Pune 7th Aug 2015
4 Prof. (Dr.) Prashant Malvadkar On the cocircuitsof es-splitting binary matroids, 81th Annual Conference of IMS, VNIT,Nagpur, Dec 2015. Dec 2015.
5 Prof. (Dr.) ShaliniGarg Design parameters of different configuration of optical filters madeof SiO2 and TiO2, Conference proceeding Pg.51, NCNSAE-2015, December 3-4,2015
6 Prof. Anagha Karne Systematic comparison of DFT and CCSD dipole moments,polarizabilities and hyperpolarizabilities Theoretical Chemistry Symposium (TCS)December 18-21, 2014, NCL, Pune. December 18-21, 2014
7 Prof. (Dr.) Prashant Malvadkar A characterization ofN-connected splitting matroids, 80th Annual conference of IndianMathematical Society, Dhanbad, 27-30Dec-2014.
8 Prof. (Dr.) Prashant Malvadkar A characterizationof n-connected matroids, 79th IMS, Kochi, 28-31Dec-2013
9 Prof. (Dr.) ShaliniGarg Design and Modeling of Electron waveguide based devices for photonic applications” Photonics 2014 on Nanophotonics,ISP,Cochin-682022, 27-28Feb.2014 27-28 Feb.2014
10 Prof. (Dr.) SachinKulkarni Synthesis and Characterization of Fe3O4Nanoparticles for engineering applications International conference on benchmark inEngineering Science and Technology (ICBEST-2012) 2012